About Me

Production Coordinator

In 2023, I have completed a 1-year Screenskills training scheme for unscripted TV production coordination, as well as an in-depth masterclass into production coordination for High-End TV hosted by BECTU. I have a breadth of experience on a variety of programming, from outside broadcasts, documentary, comedy, to archive programmes, and thrive most when exploring new roles and genres.

Sustainability Coordinator

I've been interested in sustainability ever since joining the Environmental Projects volunteer group at university in 2014, as well as authoring a Zero Waste blog for several years. I'm a trained Sustainability Coordinator and part of a BECTU informal working group on Sustainable Production in Scotland. I'm an expert on Albert certification for unscripted productions of all sizes. 

Spreadsheet Wizard

I'm both self-taught and formally trained in advanced Excel and Google Sheets to an expert level, working confidently with formulas, macros and pivot tables. My specialty is breaking down complex projects in order to schedule effectively, mitigate risk, and organise complex logistics. I have also provided spreadsheet training for colleagues in various capacities.

Career Aspirations

I am looking for opportunities in live events and outside broadcast, music programming, or VFX/ animation. I'm generally open to all genres, especially the ones I haven't worked in yet, as I'm a naturally curious person who loves to learn new things. I would love to get the chance to work with animals on a shoot.